Luke Brookner

Luke Brookner is an award winning writer-director based in East London. Having grown up in London, he studied screenwriting at MET film school. Since then, Luke has honed his skills and creative voice over the years, by working on some of the biggest brands as a writer in the creative departments of various creative agencies and brands, including Brothers and Sisters and Beats by Dre. As a director, Luke searches for the intimacy and honesty in the small moments. As a result, his work shines a light on the truths that we all live through, and often showcases a sensitivity and rawness, achieved by his obsession to capture a sense of naturalism in whatever he makes. His 2020 short, “I Got Through” for the charity Grief Encounter, was nominated for best short film at multiple festivals including Aesthetica Film Festival, and at the Kinsale Sharks Awards, and was a winner at the 2021 Shiny Awards. Luke is currently in the pre-production stage of his latest short film, 'Home', a story centered on the experiences encountered by children raised in foster care. He continues to work internationally on commercials and film as a director and co-founder of London based creative production house Sticker Studios.